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Contractor Background Checks2018-08-29T10:33:01-07:00

Protect Your Family from Consumer Scams & Risks

Cable installers, appliance repair personnel, plumbers, electricians, and landscapers are really strangers coming on your property. How can you be sure that these strangers are trustworthy and safe for you and your family?  While consumers are mindful of the threats with retail or online shopping, you actually might be more at risk in your own home when you open your front door to servicing companies that fail to properly protect you and your family by not vetting their employees.

Be smart! Be proactive!! Check on your contractor. DIY – here is all you need to know to run a search on your contractor:

  1. Send an email to – please include discount code in the subject line, if you have one.
  2. Once we receive your email, we will send you a copy of a release to have your contractor complete and sign.  We will also include an invoice to be paid via credit card.
  3. Send us via email the completed AND SIGNED release.
  4. Once we receive the completed and signed release as well as payment, we will process your request.
  5. Once the report is completed we will email you a copy to review.
  6. See the FAQ’s below.
The reports came back clear (no records found) does that mean the applicant has no criminal records?2018-08-29T10:21:24-07:00

Yes and NO – Yes, it might very well mean the applicant has no criminal records.  However, the answer could be NO- They could have a record in a state or county that is NOT included in the search or the there could be a recent conviction (last 30 – 90 days) or more or a pending charge and that has not yet been adjudicated.

I didn’t get the records I was expecting to find.2018-08-29T10:12:35-07:00

There are several reasons why no records might be found.

  • The information entered was incorrect information like a misspelled first or last name and/or the incorrect date of birth.
  • The search was conducted by name and date of birth; but available public records do not associate this name and/or date of birth with the record.
  • The subject searched is a minor and we do not search juvenile records.
  • A nickname was provided and court records use the subject’s full legal name, not nicknames.  The best example is submitted Bill for your applicants first name when his legal name as shown on his drivers license in William.


Is anyone notified of my search?2018-08-29T10:12:01-07:00

No one is notified that you have ordered a report.

What is the turnaround time for reports?2018-08-29T10:11:11-07:00

Turnaround time is 24 hours (M-F) or less, If you have a special need or circumstance let us know.

Is there a monthly service fee?2018-08-29T10:14:01-07:00

No, we do not charge a monthly service fee or a monthly minimum fee. You will ONLY be charged for the requests you submit. There are no hidden costs or fees!

How much is the contractor background report?2018-08-29T10:08:13-07:00

Standard price is $39.90 unless you have a valid discount code.

How can I submit background check requests to Oracle Screening?2018-05-27T11:00:08-07:00

Requests can be submitted on our site manually or via batch uploads. Oracle Screening can also create a secure custom link that will allow your applicants to complete an online background check application.

Do I really need a signed release from my contractor?2018-08-29T10:31:38-07:00

Yes, every applicant must complete and sign a release before you request their background check. If they are reluctant or refuse to sign – beware!

Do I need a signed release from every applicant, even if they’re a volunteer?2018-05-27T11:11:17-07:00

Yes, every applicant must complete and sign a Release before you request their background check.

What if I forget my username or password?2018-05-27T11:14:18-07:00

You can easily recover your username or password by clicking on the Forgot Username or Forgot Password link on the client login.

How many Admin Users & Standard Users can my organization have?2018-05-27T11:22:57-07:00

Every account is required to have at least one Admin User. You can add as many Admin or Standard Users as you need. To add or remove Users please submit a New/Updated User Request.

What if my organization doesn’t have a Release?2018-05-27T11:11:48-07:00

Don’t worry, you can use our Release. You can even customize the Release and add your organizations logo!

Do you offer an Applicant Ordering Feature?2018-05-27T11:10:44-07:00

Yes, we can send your applicant an email invitation. The email invite will provide a link and instructions for your applicant to complete an online background check application.

Can my requests be processed over the weekend?2018-05-27T10:56:39-07:00

Yes. However, we ask that you give 48-72 hours advanced notice.

How do I know my request was submitted successfully?2018-05-27T11:04:57-07:00

You can view both pending and completed requests on our site.

I submitted a request for the same applicant twice, will I be charged for both requests?2018-05-27T11:09:49-07:00

Yes. Several of our searches are instant and process immediately. To avoid submitting duplicate requests we recommend using our Presearch tool or checking your previously submitted requests.

Can you notify me by email when my report is complete?2018-05-27T11:17:43-07:00

Yes, email notifications are sent automatically when the report is completed.

Can I add additional searches to a previously submitted report?2018-05-27T11:21:37-07:00

Yes, you can add additional searches a la carte to any report.

Should I submit a background check using an applicant’s nickname?2018-05-27T11:03:10-07:00

We strongly recommend submitting your applicant’s name as it appears on a current government-issued photo I.D.

How can I verify the information the applicant provided?2018-05-27T11:00:57-07:00

Before submitting your request, we recommend verifying the applicant’s information by requesting a copy of their current government-issued photo I.D.

Can I view partial reports on your website?2018-05-27T11:19:12-07:00

Yes, Oracle Screening provides real-time updates 24/7.

What info is provided on the invoice?2018-05-27T10:53:05-07:00

Our clients receive an itemized invoice detailing each search submitted for the billing period. For multi-location clients, we can provide an invoice for each location or a master invoice that includes charges for each location.

Can I pay by credit card?2018-05-27T10:44:06-07:00

Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. You can login to our site and pay by credit card or we can set up your account to be charged when you submit a request or when we invoice at the end of each billing period.

What additional fees can I expect?2018-05-27T10:54:09-07:00

Fees generally fall into three categories and are passed directly through without markup. They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • County Court Fees – some counties in the U.S. charge an access fee. Court fees are charged per name, per look up.
  • MVR State Fees – All states charge an access fee for MVRs
  • Verification Fees – some employees and some universities outsource their data to independent companies, who charge an additional fee.
How does Oracle Screening bill organizations with multiple locations?2018-05-27T10:49:04-07:00

We have the capability to bill our multi-location clients at the location level or by providing a master invoice subtotaled by location.

How am I billed?2018-05-27T10:46:29-07:00

At the end of each billing period Oracle Screening will send an invoice via email to the billing contact listed on the New Client Information form.

Can my applicant or volunteer pay for their own report online with a credit card?2018-05-27T10:44:44-07:00


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